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In this first game based on television's Star Trek: The Next Generation, William Riker must investigate terrorist activities within the Aquila Star System, and in the process, solve a mystery behind a lost civilization. Developed by the team behind Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy, the Transinium Challenge features a similar structure, albeit with digitized still scenes and a point-and-click interface in lieu of text and typing. Perform actions by clicking on various buttons such as "look," "analyze," "consult," "transport," "move," "navigate," "consider," and "contact."

Clicking on the "consult" button, for example, lets you seek the advice of your fellow officers, while the "navigate" button has you charting a course to multiple planets and asteroid belts within the Aquila System. Choose which officers will join you on an away mission before beaming down to a planet to interact with alien characters and acquire pieces of equipment to assist you in completing your objectives. While in space, you'll periodically engage in combat, which primarily involves clicking on buttons to fire phasers, increase shields, reduce impulse power, and so forth.

You are commander William T. Riker of the Federation Starship Enterprise (D). When the allied Aquila station came under attack by unknown aliens, it's up to you and the crew of the Enterprise to solve the mystery, by exploring a historic ruined civilization. This involves navigating your way through space, consulting the ship's experts (real Star Trek actorsa in digitised form), conversing with various aliens, and beaming down to various planets. The game's interface features no typing, due to context-sensitive icons and buttons.

Space, the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship ENTERPRISE and it is your mission to take command of the federation flagship and safely solve another space adventure.

Captain Picard stepped down from his command chair in order to access your performance for the duration of this mission. You are Commander Riker and at this point you command the most legendary spaceship ever created.

An outpost has been attacked and it is your mission to investigate, prevent a repeated attack and bring the perpetrators to justice. Not to mention to find out it's not all as it seems and that you'll have to dig deeper under the surface. Let's just say, you'll stay true to the original mission of the Enterprise, to seek out new life...

The game unfortunately has no sounds. It supports EGA graphics, but it does not use the full potential of its 16 colors. Still, there were many digitalized scenes which should give you the feel of being a part of the series. Unfortunately those scenes are only in black and white (with a few little details being shown in color - like lipstick or things like that) and the images are not very clear. They do provide the atmosphere. The interaction buttons and the backgrounds are in colors, but still, graphically this game is far from appealing. The idea of putting in the scenes taken from the series is a good one, but it didn't work as planed. I mean, if you only see a few lines and a face you can hardly distinguish features on isn't of much help.

Apart from the graphics, the game is very good, although somewhat short. You need to use the mouse (you can choose not to, but the game seems to crash if you do that). You will get different options and the ones you can choose from will be highlighted.

Your crew will also be of great help to you as some crewmembers will remind you of what should be done (not always though) and there's always captain Picard to consult, although he's not really of any help.

So sit back and enjoy a good galactic adventure that will mostly appeal to all the Trekies out there, but will also provide enough entertainment and challenge for every adventurer bold enough to go where no man has gone before!

This obscure adventure game is an excellent Star Trek: TNG title that captures all the flavor of the TV series, with cool digitized animations of the cast and object. The game features the excellent "conference" and "analyze" strategic options similar to TRANS Fiction's other old game Hidden Agenda, where you evaluate found objects and solicit opinions from crew members. As Riker, unravel the mystery surrounding a space station attack. Highly recommended.

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