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Trick or Treat is one of those obscure adventure games, which are hard to find nowadays. It's a true graphical point & click extravaganza that puts you in the shoes of an out of job young guy who has recently got another job as a Care Assistant at an Elder Home Care Center in Devilsville.

You start your job on 31st of October and no sooner you reach the Care Center your car got stolen by the former Care Assistant. You enter the home and introduce yourself to all the old people and they all order you to get them various items for a Halloween party they are organizing tonight. Finding these items is the first part of your quest.

The Halloween party turns out your worst nightmare when those innocent elderly figures at the center turn out to be the members of a dangerous sect only looking for someone they can use in accomplishing a gore and voodoo ritual. The ritual, as per their belief, can bring their dead Leader back to the land of the living. Your main quest is to assist them in accomplishing this ritual and help yourself out of this hell.

One of the most obscure adventure games ever made, Trick or Treat is a decent point-and-click adventure by Spanish developer ACA Soft. The plot is nothing special, but still a nice change from the typical save-the-world premise in most games. You play a young man who has just found a new job on October 31 after an "unfortunate" car accident: care assistant at an elderly home in Devillsville. After having your brand new car stolen in front of your very eyes by the current care assistant, you are soon given your first task: find five items required for tonight's Halloween party. So off you go, exploring the huge elderly home in search of the elusive objects...

Gameplay will be familiar to most LucasArts / Sierra fans: Trick or Treat uses a standard point-and-click interface, with inventory visible at all times at the bottom of the screen. Puzzles are not overly creative, but fair... although a few do require too much pixel-hunting for my taste. The conversations you can have with various care home residents are quite funny, although there are some awkward sentences and only a few people to talk to. The game is a bit too short, thus making it ideal for adventure game beginners. Overall, if you like "independent" adventure games such as Teen Agent or LucasArts adventures, Trick or Treat is well worth a look. Well worth finishing, although by no means an exceptional game.

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