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This point and click adventure takes a fantasy setting, in which you play a Wizard deemed to be 'good' taking on a less good one. To fulfill the prophecy you have been given in a limited time of 3 days, he must go on 3 quests, solving various puzzles along the way to be rewarded 3 grains of sand, that he must place in a hourglass to kill an evil wizard. Objects around the levels are always detected by the cursor, making each screen and the challenges within quick to comprehend. Generally you have to solve each puzzle in sequence.

Like the company's Gobliins Series, the interface is simplified to allow for fast progress, and ensure that the biggest challenge is solving the puzzles, not working out which object-verb combination the programmers had in mind, amidst a wall of 'I don't understand' type messages. The game experiments with the toning of the graphics, using a faux-sepia style outside and some bright colours inside, which changes the atmosphere somewha

Imagine this: You're playing Myst. Suddenly, all the puzzles aren't so tediously tough any more. The graphics look far more cartoony, with realistic cutscenes. It isn't frustrating any more, but actually fun to play. Well, if you can imagine that, you're imagining Ween - The Prophecy.

Ween is an adventure game, but not in the way we're used to. It's a point-and-click first-person adventure game, in the style of Myst, yet for some reason completely different. You can gather companions, to start with. In addition to that, there is the variation on the usual inventory system, along with a notepad and the option of having a short list of what you have to do, which you can use three times. All in all, it's more like Myst, Scumm and Gobliiins combined.

The game itself is divided into several levels. Those are mostly made up of two screens, and a couple of close-ups for certain places. The puzzles are challenging, yet not too hard, which keeps the game fun and interesting. The graphics offer a lot of extras, like chuckling skulls. The cutscenes have realistic graphics, which is a nice change whenever you see it, and it helps to maintain the player's interest.

Ween is a game in which you start out wondering what you've loaded up, but quickly enough, it has you entirely hooked. It deserves it, too. This game is one-of-a-kind and therefore needs to be played. Have fun with it, or else...

The charming zaniness of Coktel's Goblinscontinues in Ween: The Prophecy, a game filled with wacky characters and sporting an improved interface. Unfortunately, the puzzles are often too obscure to all but die-hard puzzlers. The plot of the game is up to Coktel's usual wackiness: you are Ween, a hero who must complete three quests and to be rewarded with three grains of sand, which you then must place into a magical hourglass to vanquish the evil wizard Kraal and thereby fulfulling an ancient prophecy. But you only have three days to do it, and a lot of hairy puzzles to solve.

Those who have played Coktel's Goblins games will be right at home with this one-- except that many puzzles are very convoluted and -- having taken place in a fantasy world -- not at all clear. Worse, many objects have multiple uses which you must discover by trial-and-error since the game's descriptions are usually vague. For example, during the game you will come across some items that can be combined in your cauldron to create new substances. The problem is, you rarely know what each substance really does.

To the game's credit, there are often more things to do and more objects to manipulate in one Ween screen than in dozens of screens in other games. The game also branches in two occasions, thus allowing you to solve completely different sets of puzzles. There are also two methods of on-line help: your trusty bat sidekick, and your grandfather's friend Petroy, both of whom provide progressively explicit clues that range from gentle hints to specific directions. The downside is that they both require limited number of items to divulge hints, although you can of course "cheat" by saving and restoring.

Overall, Ween is a fun puzzle adventure that gets bogged down with too many illogical puzzles, poor writing, and incoherent plot. Those who like solving puzzles for the sake of puzzles will likely enjoy it, but anyone who enjoys a great story and character interaction in adventure games will likely find it frustrating.

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