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In Lost Secret of the Rainforest, the second installment in the series, Adam, now slightly older and able to speak with animals as a matter of course, explores the tropical rainforest in search of a cure of a disease afflicting the local natives, and a way to save the rainforest from destruction. One of the game's innovations was the "Ecorder" display: a tricorder-like device Adam uses to learn about things he finds during his journey. The game is somewhat harder than its predecessor and places more emphasis on the dangers of selfishness and greed, as opposed to the blight of man.

After releasing EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus in 1991, Sierra followed up with this bright, fun sequel.

In EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest, you play young Adam Greene who, with his father Noah, an ecologist, arrives in a third-world country to study the rainforest. After becoming separated from his father Adam ventures alone into the rainforest, to discover the secret of the mysterious Forest Heart, find the lost City of Gold and attempt to help the endangered Grove People.

The game is targeted mostly at the younger end of the market, but adults would also enjoy the lush graphics and the interesting information about ecology and rainforests revealed by your e-corder. The game seemed a little tedious at first, with a little too much help popping up, but when Adam reaches the rainforest and climbs the giant tree smothered in exotic flowers, birds and creatures, it becomes rather fun... like a tropical version of the Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton.

If you like wandering around lush forests and interacting with wee beasties, and performing heroic deeds while being presented with educational tit-bits along the way, as I do, then you'll enjoy this game. However, if you prefer your action to come fast and furious, then this gentle, thoughtful game might not appeal. But you do get to play around with an e-corder.

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