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If computer games have eluded you until now and cartoon, polygon or faceless graphics don't appeal to your senses, then Dark Side of the Moon offers you a breath of fresh air. Playing this game is similar to watching a full-length movie but with you in control of the action!

From the starting video, you see that Dark Side of the Moon is no ordinary computer game. The first scene you see is Jacob Wright committing suicide by exploding a bomb. After this, you're put into the game as Jake Wright, Jacob's nephew. The entire game is shown from the perspective of a mini-screen in the middle of a full screen. Surrounding the mini-screen is your backpack, health status and Comm Link.

The interaction between characters is wonderfully done and makes you feel like you're a part of the real life action. It's akin to sitting in a movie theater, controlling which phrases the main character utters and where he goes. During the game, when you receive a message in your Comm Link, it begins flashing and you click on it to view your mail. This is a great feature as it allows you receive e-mail and view it from wherever you happen to be in the game's environment. The mail is also full motion video (FMV) but in a smaller screen. At the beginning of the game, you view a mail from your not-so-nice sister and later on people will contact you via this Comm Link.

The story behind Dark Side of the Moon is fascinating with each new twist and turn leaving you wondering. From the start, the game is a complete mystery. All you know is that your uncle blew himself up -- no additional information is provided and you investigate by asking people along the way. The game is very eerie in that everybody appears to be hiding something.

One of the problems with games that incorporate FMV is the acting of the characters and some of the actors in Dark Side of the Moon do a fairly poor job of it. This is what separates this game from a full motion picture. In movies, actors are generally quite convincing. In this game, however, some of them seem like they're trying not to laugh or have over-rehearsed their lines to the point they forget about emotions.

Another aspect that could use some improvement is the constant switching of CDs during the game. When you move from level to level, you always have to put in a new CD. This can get annoying, though it does make the game run more efficiently. When you're moving about and not talking to anyone, you're in complete control of the game and where you go. However, when you talk to someone, you only get a few possible answers from which to choose and much of the time everything plays out by itself. This is bad in one sense but it also helps you feel more like you're watching a movie than playing a video game.

As you progress through the game, the action gets more intense, the suspense increases and you have to fight dangerous alien creatures! In terms of pure entertainment, Dark Side of the Moon has some of the best to offer. It keeps you on the edge of your seat while the hours pass by incredibly fast. The game is long, fun to play and very impressive; for those sick of computer style graphics and fake gameplay, check this one out! Watch real people go through seemingly real situations as you control their fate and rise to the challenge of the Dark Side of the Moon.

Graphics: The video is fairly well done and is relatively glitch-free.

Sound: Voices are spoken and heard very clearly and the small sounds in the background add to the suspense.

Enjoyment: The game hooks you as you attempt to see what happened to your uncle. Since gameplay resembles a movie, you'll want to keep playing to see it evolve.

Replay Value: Chances are you probably won't want to replay it, mainly because it takes so long just to get through the beginning.


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