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Da New Guys is a fun adventure game about professional wrestling. The plot, in the author's words, is as follows: "Step into the world of pro-wrestling as Da New Guys, three British underdogs trying to make it big in the U.S. Set over four chapters spanning the course of 24 hours, help Simon, The Defender, and Brain overcome their biggest challenge yet - the reposession of their home! In this quirky cartoon adventure, experience the highs and lows of pro-wrestling: buff up in the gym, take on rivals in the ring, and work part time in dodgy fast-food chains."

The game lets you control all three members of Da New Guys (one at a time) as they go through their travails. What makes DNG a lot of fun is the great sense of deadpan humor that recalls the Larry Vale games, and a fun plot that keep throwing unexpected curves in your direction. The game is divided into different chapters, each usually introduced by a cutscene. There are even some fun action sequences (for example, the in-game wrestling matches) and 2 different endings. Puzzles are logical and fun for the most part, and the graphics are nicely drawn. I had trouble finding exits in some screens, and a few cases of pixel-hunting, but overall the game ran smoothly and the difficulty level was about right (the game is probably too easy for expert adventurers, though). All in all, a fun and funny adventure game set in an interesting that is rarely seen in adventure games.


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