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Sir Fred is an excellent SVGA remake of one of the best Spanish games ever made for the 8-bit MSX platform. This version for Windows-based PC features great graphics and the same addictive gameplay as the original arcade-adventure. From the website: "In classic arcade-adventure style, Sir Fred has to collect object and solve problems as he penetrates the defences of Castle Feare, the Baron's stronghold. The objects are found in different locations each time you play, which complicates mapping somewhat, but must be used to complete the various tasks which you'll need to do. They can be picked up using the Select key and are displayed along the bottom of the screen. A yellow box highlights the currently selected object; to use this object, press the Use key.

Some weapons can only be used a limited number of times, so a little counter appears above the window and decrements every time the object is used. Once the counter gets to zero, Sir Fred loses the weapon and will need to find a replacement! There are a number of weapons to be found including a sword and a bow and arrow. Sir Fred himself has only a limited amount of energy (and only one life) so you'll need to use the weapons to defend him from the various creatures inhabiting the castle." Perhaps best of all, this modern remake has translated the Spanish text into English for non-Spanish gamers. Highly recommended for everyone who likes the Dizzy games, or 2D arcade-adventure genre in general.


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