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Biosys is one of those absorbing adventures where you start off feeling that you have to carry on to survive. It's a game that sucks you in, like a good book or a gripping film. You feel like you have to find out what happens next...

The plot is easy to pick up. You play the part of Allan Russell, an eco-scientist who has spent the past ten years tending to a biosphere full of experimental communities. He is in charge of monitoring and manipulating the artificial ecosystem in four biodomes (known as Biomes) such as the super-wet Ocean and the arid Savannah. As Russell, you'll have to balance the basics of life such as light, heat, oxygen, carbon dioxide, tides and winds. This really is more fun than it initally sounds -- honest!

As well as preserving life, you have to also keep yourself healthy by looking for food and drink, sleeping, washing, and executing other bodily functions. The game requires concentration to keep various balances intact -- a very skillful, yet rewarding, endeavor. Then, the action begins.

Due to a set of unforeseen circumstances that would ruin the game slightly for you if I detailed them here, you have to escape from the dome and overcome a conspiracy threatening to destroy life as you know it. If you don't manage to sort out what's happened in the past, you won't be able to change the course of the future and survive.

The game is impressively detailed with well-presented 3D graphics and amazing backgrounds. The story is linear, easy to come to grips with after an initial opening that makes you feel slightly sick as part of the story. The good news is you will look forward to "what happens next" in Biosys, just like any good mystery.

Graphics: Atmospheric graphics give a real feeling of being master of all you survey.

Sound: Deep acoustical effects.

Enjoyment: Easy to play and certainly addictive.

Replay Value: The scenery alone warrants a second playing.


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