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Could the results of the investigation into the death of Marilyn Monroe bring down the most powerful political family in America? Find out for yourself when you play this extraordinary interactive game from NOVELL, entitled, Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files. With exceptional intrigue and a professionally written script, you will enjoy this pursuit of the truth, gathering clues, interviewing witnesses and examining the forensic evidence in this highly publicized case, which will keep you on the edge of your seat and up late at night for weeks.

This role playing game hardly feels like a game because of the enormous accumulation of facts, video, newspaper and magazine articles incorporated into the design of The Marilyn Monroe Files that give the participant the feeling of being an integral part in this search for justice. Aimed at audiences over 14, players can assume the identity of any one of four characters charged with the responsibility of finding the actual cause of death and the person or persons who ultimately will be held accountable.

Whether you choose to be the county coroner, an investigative reporter, a detective from the Los Angeles police force, or a district attorney, is entirely up to you, but no one character or role can successfully figure out this case, which means your strategy must be built on the sum of each character's findings. Many clues cannot be uncovered by the coroner or district attorney, but are made available to the investigative reporter or detective.

Your interaction with individual witnesses varies greatly simply by the personality of the particular character you choose. This adds a degree of frustration, but certainly gives the search an incredible sense of reality.

The three dimensional graphics used in the program transport you back to the 1960s giving this game a nostalgic feel, while maintaining all the slick computer techniques of the 1990s. Fortunately, you can save the game and return to it and you'll never be bored thanks to the randomized elements yielding continuous fresh play. This feature alone enhances the game and extends the playability indefinitely.

There is also the ability to travel to other key cities in this game such as New York, Las Vegas or Chicago, adding more dimension and suspense. Using skyline photos, the player can click on certain hot spots, or buildings and be instantly transported to that location. With the capability of questioning witnesses in well done video clips, you can at times, feel like the events are really happening, losing the two dimensional aspects of most other games on the market.

As you gather clues and return to your apartment to log them into your computer, you can easily keep your position and your hunches in order, a handy feature when you need to use four different characters to solve the mystery.

When your theory is cemented in your mind, you approach your superior with a completed outline of the investigation. Your rewards depend on how successful you are in finding pertinent information and the compilation of theory of death. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Because you have to really think about certain situations and facts, and because of the highly professional make-up of this program, your rewards will be well worth the effort.

If you're looking for the best interactive game with sensational graphics and sound, and with one of the most solid scripts out there, Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files is for you. Created for NOVELL by T1 New Media, this is a quality piece of work and I can't wait to see the other titles this company will be putting out in the future. By bringing together top-notch representatives from television production video and graphics, as well as professional script and music composition, the consumer is granted a great opportunity to experience some of the finest gaming there is on the market today.

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