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In the footsteps of the hit game Myst comes Welcome to the Future, an ambient first-person adventure game which plunges the player deep into an alternate reality where arcane symbols provide clues to solve puzzles which only lead to more puzzles and more artifacts to examine.

Explore surreal mountains, delve deep into unerground caverns, and zoom through the air over temples as you increase your powers. 3D graphics and artwork abound and sensual music guides your way.

Welcome to the future. Look around and stay a while.

Welcome To The Future (WTTF) tries hard to be like Myst. The graphics are similar, though not as clear or vibrant. Moving around is accomplished by a point and click interface. The screen simply redraws the new location. Later, when you get to the underground passageways, you'll be treated to animated screens. As I mentioned, the graphics seem to have a washed out look to them and it's very hard to distinguish what it is you're supposed to be looking at. Many screens look like pixelized Full Motion Video. Not as impressive as I'd hoped. In keeping with the Myst ambiance, WTTF also has a mysterious storyline. You don't know where you are so all you can do is explore and search for artifacts that are hidden along the many paths. When you find an artifact it is put into your inventory. You never get to use objects as in some adventure games. The artifacts serve as keys and they are used automatically when you come across a locked passage.

The world of WTTF is pretty vast. It's very easy to get lost, especially in the underground passageways. Many of the tunnels have to be explored and you'll find that you will end up doing a lot of backtracking, which means you see the same graphics over and over. There really isn't much of a plot or an incentive to play this game. You just collect the keys to move on to a new area. There aren't any creatures to talk to and not much of anything to interact with until near the end of the game. At least in Myst, there were objects to look at, and puzzles to solve. WTTF doesn't have any substance to hold your attention for any length of time.

If there's one good thing about WTTF, it has to be the music. It was recorded in Surround Sound and really helps set the mood. Most of the songs have a soft beat and a relaxing atmosphere. A few of the tracks are actual songs with vocals and they don't sound too bad either. With the advent of CD-ROM technology, it's great to see more and more games have good soundtracks for a change. The game's producers must think the music is pretty good too...they're releasing the soundtrack into stores.

I tried hard to like this game. It had the potential to be more than it was. As it stands, it has mediocre graphics, simple gameplay, and a boring quest. The music is the only thing good about the game.

It is not easy to find this "point and click" adventure game. The whole game is a constant search for paths through the mazelike environments. During almost all the time, you will seek the signs - artifacts and keys which will open way to find more keys and artifacts, and new realms. Doing so you will be able to trace the "Ancient Travelers" who were messing around long before... Maybe you will find them... So, this is the plot... The game features 16 bit stereo, surround music and sound effects, and graphic art (full screen 3D). You can even "explore" the CD as a music CD....

The game can be played in one of two modes : 1) "Challenging" (you have to find everything that is to be found), or ... 2) "Explore" where keys are given - and you "just" have to look for the doors...

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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