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Wayne's World is an adventure game based on the movie with the same name. The game itself is a classic point and click adventure, and should not be confused with the platform game based on the movie.

You play both Wayne and Garth, and you can switch between them at any time. The plot is simple; In an attempt to save their tv-show, Wayne and Garth decide to hold a pizza-thon (a charity show with a pizza-theme) in order to raise money. In order to be able to hold the pizza-thon Wayne and Garth must embark on several quests to collect items and hire people they need for the show. The adventure includes participating in babe-jeopardy, joining a biker's gang and baking pizza. The graphics are in 2D and the sound contains several samples from the movie.

Does anybody know who Mike "Austin Power" Myers is? Yes. He's the voice of Shrek (even in the sequel). But long before that Mike was a part of another classic Wayne's World.

This game is not exactly based on either of the two movies, but it features the lovable goofs that made every eighties teenager feel good (because they could always look down on two doofeses like Wayne and Garth and see that every dog has more then just one day).

In this adventure game Wayne and Garth will have a pizza-thon. That's right, you read correctly, a pizza-thon. For that they'll need lots of pepperoni and of course lots of dough. And they'll have people call in and get pizzas, but at the same time donate money for a good cause.

The sound of this game is above average for a Capstone game (they obviously made their goad to convert as many teen movies - with just one sequel - into computer games). There will be some random yells that are actually movie quotes. Graphics really are good, although not breathtaking yet. The biggest improvement with this game was the interface. Although leading companies already used fully mouse operated games, this wasn't the case with Capstone (at least not right away). This game finally is a true point and click. The icons at the bottom of the screen are used instead of the verbs and you can easily understand what they mean (although extreme close up may confuse you a bit).

And as for the gameplay itself...well with a plotline like this, you know it can't be very imaginative. It's more absurd then anything else. It's still fun, but don't expect too much depth in the story. You probably won't learn a single thing playing this game (unless maybe some slang words you may already be to young to know, or were already too old at that time and never could learn them). The story also isn't very intriguing, but it's somewhat amusing and the puzzles are solvable.

This game is a mediocre piece of computer programming, but the title does have some appeal. I believe that there are people out there, who'd want to have the game just for nostalgia or because they're Wayne's fans. I'd give this game an average score of 3.

Yes all yo Wayne's World-Fans listen up - this is the Game to the movie. This is weird, stupid, funny, illogical - this is 100% Wayne's World. If you don't know the film - get out of here, you will hate this game! This just isn't something you go and get if you are searching for a typical high-class Adventure. This game is as chaotic as Wayne's World is and is supposed to be. That's the charme of the movie as well as of this game. The story? Yes, there is one... Wayne and Garth decide to do a Pizza-Thon to get 50,000$ to save their TV-Show that will die in 3 days if the mayor doesn't get enough money to rescue his budget. Sometimes the calculated immaturity gets a bit annoying, overall this is fun for every Wayne's World-Fan - party on...

Wayne's World is a faithful adaptation of the wacky '80 movie of the same name that predates Beavis & Butthead today. Help the bumbling duo set up a pizza delivery business and claim their 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the ability to switch between characters and decent interface can't compensate for bad (i.e. illogical and just plain dumb) puzzles and bad writing. If you're not patient, or not a die-hard fan of the movie, steer clear of this one. Zchwing!

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