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I usually don't get into interactive detective games, but Who Killed Sam Rupert?

surprised me. The case is interesting, the clues are plenty, and the time limit gives you

something to play for. I admit that when I first saw that six-hour time limit on the screen, I

thought I would never make it through the game. I soon realized that the time clicks away

at a pace much faster than reality. In fact, it only took me a half hour to play an entire

game. I lost, but it gave me hope that I would not be forced to sit in front of my computer

screen for hours at a time.

For 1994, Who Killed Sam Rupert? is right on-par with other games visually. The

game utilizes the grainy Apple Quicktime technology which was really cool when it

debuted, but soon fizzled as other formats appeared. Still, Quicktime gave games like

Who Killed Sam Rupert? the ability to show live video, and that is really cool, despite

the graininess.

Apart from the video clips, the still photos and rendered backgrounds are quite good. The

zoom feature at the crime scene with its "CLICK CLICK CLICK" camera sound reminds

me of The Terminator. It is a neat feature which is actually useful when gathering

clues. The entire visual presentation really sets the mood for the game. So while the

graphics are not crystal clear, they do get the job done for this game.

Sound is also pushed through the Quicktime software. It is not the highest quality sound,

but at least these are real-life samples. Having a soundtrack that is tightly synchronized

with its visual presentation does any game good. Quicktime technology doesn't work for a

lot of games, but it works for Who Killed Sam Rupert?.

Despite a tiny bit of frustration, the game play in Who Killed Sam Rupert? is fun. This

game makes you think. In order to win, you have got to pay attention to everything, even

the small stuff that seems inconsequential. I have played Who Killed Sam Rupert? and

thought I had the suspect nailed, but I couldn't get past the press conference. While I was

boning up on blood types and alibis, the press was conjuring questions about wine. Miss

four questions about the wine at the crime scene, and you have got to go back out and

investigate some more. The bottom line is this: pay attention.

Plan on playing Who Killed Sam Rupert? several times. Even if you think you know

who did it, the press conference and the warrant application are killers. Your six hours will

tick by before you know it, and then you are stuck. The first few times you play, try to

take in as much information as possible. Keep notes. By the time you play Who Killed

Sam Rupert? for the fifth or sixth time, you might get a shot at the murderer. Good luck.

Graphics: Grainy, as with all Qucktime graphics, but they get the job down.

Sound: Good, but not superb.

Enjoyment: A very fun and engaging game.

Replay Value: Once you solve the crime, this game is done.

Sam Rupert has been found dead in the resturant he owns. The police detectives arrive at the scene and must gather clues and solve the mystery to find out which one of 8 suspects might have killed Sam Rupert. Furthermore, since "most" crimes are solved within 6 hours, the city is demanding this case be wrapped up within that limit.

Who Killed Sam Rupert is a multimedia full-motion-video detective game. Players assume the role of the investigating detective and must search the area, and zoom in, via a 1st person adventure game interface for clues and interview witnesses. Each action eats up a designated amount of time, and after 6 hours, the case is over and the player must explain what they've found at a press conference in order to get a chance at arresting the guilty party from a narrowed down list of 3 suspects. There are three possible "motives" for the case and thus three possible endings in solving the murder of Sam Rupert.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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