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A strange island in the middle of the pacific is where the adventure begins. Stranger still is the half-sunken ship found there. Finding a way aboard, and finding some of the ship's systems still functional seems to defy all reason. Yet these thoughts fade with the discovery of another human being -- a young woman in a ratty old hospital gown, trapped alone somewhere in a labyrinth of below-deck corridors and passageways.

Through a plot mechanic reminiscent of the PS2's Lifeline, Experiment 112 puts players behind a control board in a security monitor room, able to view different scenes all over the ship without setting foot in any of them. Instead, to guide the mysterious woman to safety, the player must continually check ahead to the next area, and warn her to prepare herself for any dangers that await.

Experiment 112 is designed by Lexis Numerique, the French studio that proved its penchant for creepiness with 2004's disturbing murder mystery, Missing: Since January.


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