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Similar to other Legend Entertainment adventures, Eric the Unready uses text and verb commands to interact with the world and characters, collect items and solve puzzles. The princess has been kidnapped by Queen Morgana, and it's up to Sir Pectoral, the bumbling, muscle-clad jouster, to come to her rescue. Eric's adventure is laced with clever wording and parodies of television shows and films, including Star Trek. He will encounter massive dragons, wizards, dwarves, unicorns, and attack turtles while visiting locations such as the Swamp of Perdition and The Not So Great Underground Empire. There isn't much animation, but the visual interpretations fit their descriptions perfectly. Written by Bob Bates, designer of TimeQuest and Frederik Pohl's Gateway, conversations are often hilarious and the plot is well conceived and engaging until the end credits.

A tongue-in-cheek graphic text adventure/point and click adventure hybrid. You are a chivalrous knight attempting to save a princess; your quest takes you through a mad-cap Douglas Adams-style world.

Eric the Unready is one of those games that you will remember for life. Once you have played the game, it becomes a part of you. You will never be able to look at anything the same way again. The game begins like any other adventure game set in the medieval era in Britain - beautiful green hills surrounding a small village with a fairytale castle on the highest point. But this is the first, last and ONLY time this game will ever look and feel like an ordinary adventure game.

Eric the Unready brings new life to the Adventure genre - in fact I would go so far as to say that it creates a whole new branch of this genre. It uses well-known effects from other adventure games, chews them up and spits them out in a completely new way. If you don't understand what I mean, try summoning Pegasus later in the game, and see what pops up. Let's just say you're in for a surprise.

The game itself is about a valiant knight fighting for justice and glory at a time when heroes are few. And, looking at your own merits, it seems it will continue to stay that way for quite some time. Basically you are the worst knight ever to walk on British soil. Only one person in the whole kingdom believes in you, the princess Lorealle the Worthy. It might not come as a big surprise that a bit later in the game she gets kidnapped, and that it is up to you to rescue the fair maiden. The surprises in the game come when you discover how you are supposed to solve the different quests throughout the game. Let me give you another example. Your first quest involves an (it is assumed) enchanted farmer's daughter, a love-sick piggy, an adventure inside an outdoor toilet and rampaging cows! Sounds interesting? It is. And every detail will be described in tomorrow's newspaper. The newspaper will accompany you throughout the game. Even in the deepest dungeons or the farthest reaches of the kingdom there will always be a newspaper waiting for you.

The controls in the game might seem a bit difficult at first, but don't be fooled. The game system is extremely easy to use. All the most common commands are listed in the left column, and you can either use your mouse to make sentences or simply write them with the keyboard. You can use either your keyboard or your mouse for any action in this game. Walking is done by either clicking on the compass, or writing directions in the command line. One nice little feature about the game is that it all takes place in real-time. Leave the game alone, and time will pass. If you want to sit tight at any time in the game, simply write 'WAIT' in the command line.

When it comes to the graphics and music, Eric scores high points. The video graphics (like the intro) are astonishingly well-made and rival those of Sierra. The game interface is distinctive, having all the details described in a window below a scene picture. Together with the command bar they make for an excellent adventure feel. The music can only be described as fantastic. It enhances the feel of the game in a way I can not even describe.

If I were to minimize the review into a few sentences only, I would say that this game will surprise you on all levels. The humour is delicate yet sharp as a knife. It is an adventure with attitude!

This very Pratchett-esque adventure comes from the makers of Spellcasting 101 and Time Quest. It is a text adventure, featuring graphics for enhancement, and menus for the commands, so you hardly ever have to guess what word the programmers have been thinking about.

You are a junior knight in a fantasy world. Your comrades rather dislike you as you are very, well, clumsy, always mixing up everything and wreaking havoc where you appear. However, you're tossed in the middle of a conspiracy where YOU have to rescue the princess, save the kingdom, and become a true hero.

I don't want to give too much away of the plot, but let me point out some of the highlights. The humour in the game is great. How great? I was literally rolling on the floor laughing because of the great jokes. In instances it's even more fun and crazier than Monkey Island. Especially the trip to the fantasy island with the swamp trek raft was hillarious! Or the scene with the singer where (according to her speaking problem) some consonants are replaced by others so that you have to watch carefully what you have to type!

There are so many inside jokes, you will have to look twice to catch them all. There are puns, stupid humour, crazy (but mostly logical) puzzles, dragons, witches, knights, and kings. If you are a fan of Monty Python, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, or Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker I highly recommend this game!

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