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The humor in Superhero League of Hoboken is continuous and comes at you in many forms including sight gags, puns, absurd weaponry and a cast of bizarre characters with special abilities you've never seen before in any computer role-playing adventure game. With such lovable superheroes to call on in dire situations like Princess Glovebox with her uncanny ability to fold roadmaps, and RoboMop, who can clean just about any mess you stumble across, your missions will seem more like forays into the fun house at the carnival than world saving events. But make no mistake, there is a large number of critical missions with their attendant puzzles to solve lurking around every corner, missions that include such environmental disasters as the impending destruction of Newark (seems as if a cache of jalapeno peppers is threatening to infiltrate the local water table), the horrible dilemma of saving a Jersey City marketplace from the ravages of a Limburger Bomb (sounds like a job for The Iron Tummy), the tense situation in East Orange whose residents are being terrorized by a flock of rabid sheep, or imminent chaos in Paterson caused by a malfunctioning computer (those are just the first level quests). Each of the six levels contains five such missions, four which can be played in non-linear fashion and the fifth always being a chance to thwart one of evil Dr. Entropy's diabolical plans using material or knowledge acquired in the first four missions.

In an interesting and successful design feature, your cast of characters increases with a new superhero slot opening up in your party after completion of each level. Your character, The Crimson Tape (whose primary superpower is the ability to Create Organizational Charts like no one's business) is present in all missions and in the first level you'll be limited to a party of four with complete freedom to choose any of the other superheroes that happen to be hanging around the Hoboken League's lunch room. And, if one isn't getting the job done, you can substitute until you get the right person for the job at hand. Superhero League of Hoboken features staples from both the role-playing and adventure game genres but with a distinctly unique spin. Outrageous armor (the Slinky of Death?), ability enhancers, weird (but effective) weapons (you just never know when that pea shooter will come in handy), exploration bonuses, class advancements and much, much more await you in this wacky world. An extremely easy to use point and click interface, simple combat requirements and puzzles that range from easy to difficult add to the enjoyment. The humor, from subtle to slapstick, is seemingly endless in this game and creates an incredibly rich and lively experience (from groans at some of the outlandish jokes to outloud guffaws) as you rid the world of such ghastly fiends as the Samurai Welders, Cruise Mistletoes or mutated chickens. From an overall perspective, the so-so graphics and fairly feeble sounds are minor gripes when compared to the level of fun this game offers.

Graphics: Static action screens, little animation and lots of text. Artwork is bright and colorful and generally very good at expressing a post-apocalyptic background theme.

Sound: Uninspired sound effects (a shame since there were so many opportunities for them) and unexciting music but these are not what this game is all about and don't detract from the enjoyment.

Enjoyment: One of those "just one more mission before I quit" deals. Game play is fun and addictive with a great mix of on-screen hilarity and hijinx to keep you interested. Warning: a well developed and appreciative sense of humor is a prerequisite for getting the most out of this one.

Replay Value: Considering it's partly an adventure game, replaying it again just for the laughs is a definite possibility.

This game is an Adventure/RPG hybrid set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the northeastern US. Toxic pollution and war have reduced the US to a state of anarchy except for the occasional city-state.

You are The Crimson Tape, new leader of the Superhero League of Hoboken, with the amazing power to Create Organizational Charts. You'll be joined by Tropical Oil Man ("capable of raising the cholesterol level of his opponents"), Robomop ("an intelligent kitchen appliance capable of cleaning up almost any mess"), Iron Tummy ("capable of eating spicy foods without any distress"), Captain Excitement (his "aura of lethargy and dullness can put many opponents to sleep instantly"), and Mademoiselle Pepperoni ("capable of seeing inside a pizza box without even opening it").

The goal of the game is to complete missions assigned by the Commissioner and relayed via the League's computer, Matilda. Gradually, you'll raise Hoboken League's ranking, and finally be able to take on the evil Dr. Entropy who is seeking to thwart the rebirth of civilization. As your League's ranking and prestige grow, new superheroes will join up and make your life easier.

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