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Hacker is an adventure/trading game based on what was then a unique idea. You're starting into the adventure as a real hacker would do, lacking information of what is to come, only driven by your ambition. Consequently, the game opens with a plain text screen, prompting you for the login password. To break into the system is the first puzzle you've got to solve.

Once in, you'll soon find out that you've accidentally stumbled upon a conspiracy of global impact. From then on, you'll maneuver a robotic drone around the globe through a tunnel system deep in the earth. In major cities, you may surface and talk to contact persons, who'll trade items for cash. When delivered to the correct city, you can exchange these items for a piece of evidence. If all evidence is collected, you're to inform the FBI. As if figuring out the correct routes and trades wasn't hard enough, frequent system malfunctions and security checks test your skill as well...

What should I write about this game? I guess everyone can imagine the basic idea. Yeah right - you are a hacker. This game takes place in the early days when most people didn't have the slightest idea what one of these mysterious guys might do. The game itself is based on the "romantic ideas" people had, like the developers of the game say. "Hacker" lives from the mysterious aspects of not really knowing what you are doing. To get started you should take a look into the Help-File (the thing labelled as manual above - it's from a C64 version I once had, but don't have anymore... so don't get confused when you read about controls... that's a specific thing of the emulator package I got this from), but don't expect big hints in there either. I was asking myself if I should write a little bit of what I was able to find out in the game so far (haven't solved the whole thing myself yet), but I decided against it as this one's about finding out what it's all about. That's the charme of the game and it's strong point - you're simply totally clueless about what to do. :)

A cult-classic that everyone should at least have had a look at!

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