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You are James Bond 007 and you must stop Max Zorin from destroying Silicon Valley and dominating the microchip market. If you fail, Max Zorin will flood Silicon Valley by creating a major earthquake. The gameplay is similar to Goldfinger but it doesn't follow the movie as closely. The game will take you to the Siberian Mountains, Paris, and San Francisco.

Just as in Goldfinger, you play the daring British secret agent Bond-- James Bond. The game follows the plot of the movie of the same name somewhat, but not as faithfully as Goldfinger-- it didn't start with a ski chase, for instance, and plot development is rushed.

As in the movie, Bond must foil the plot of a diabolical scientist trying to control the world computer market by destroying California's Silicon Valley. This will take him through a lot of nonstop, action-packed sequences that are reproduced in the game pretty well, thanks to real-time puzzles and atmospheric writing. As in the movie, most puzzles require split-second decisions and there is little time to lose. The scene atop San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge is my favorite. Overall, a good game worthy of a Bond name, although don't expect it to be like the movie. If you want a Bond game that is follows the movie more closely, play Goldfinger instead.

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