James Bond: The Stealth Affair (a.k.a. Operation Stealth) Download (1990 Adventure Game)

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This game is a graphic adventure game with a point-and-click interface.

My profession? I work in... well... the information business. Oh no, spy is such an ugly word. I prefer the term "special agent". No, I cannot talk about my mission, for obvious reasons. Only so much: You probably heard of the disappearance of the high-tech stealth plane. I thought so. To imagine that it might have fallen in the wrong hands... Whom I have in mind? Well, terrorists, for example. Yes, huge, secret terrorist organizations plotting crimes on a global scale. You know, the kind of totalitarian gang which is led by a mad, thoroughly evil genius from his giant underground base. Don't worry, the CIA is already searching for the plane. Yes, I'm certain. If you would please excuse me now, my plane is about to depart. Oh, just to a beautiful, jungle-island banana republic. Holiday? I don't think so...

The game is controlled by the same pop-up command menu consisting of six verbs that was introduced in Delphine's debut Future Wars. However, it's been slightly improved and does now allow interaction with your inventory, like examining and combining items. You get to toy around with a whole load of typical special agent's gadgets, beginning with a passport forgery kit and ending with explosive cigarettes. Apart from solving puzzles, you've got to make it through some arcade sequences: escape the labyrinth, dive with limited breath, dodge the evil guy's minions. Although not as frequent as in Future Wars, pixel hunting and the occasional dead-end are still annoying "features" in The Stealth Affair.

James Bond: The Stealth Affair is a fun spy adventure that was originally released in Europe as Operation Stealth in Europe without the James Bond license-- a fact that explains why the game's plot doesn't follow any Bond story. That doesn't mean that the original plot here is bad, though. In fact, it is intriguing enough to be a Bond movie material: a top-secret stealth fighter has been stolen from a US base, so it's up to you to track down its location and bring it back. Of course, the fate of the whole world rest on your weary shoulders...

The Stealth Affair uses a competent interface where you construct sentences from a small list of verbs such as "USE," "TALK," etc., although it is a bit confusing: "USE" and "OPERATE" are used slightly differently although they are synonyms, for example. Puzzles are fun and are neither too hard nor too easy; and since most of them involve using cool spy gadgets such as a passport falsifier, fans of spy novels will have a great time with the game.

With an interesting plot, fun puzzles, and great graphics (upgraded to VGA in this US release), The Stealth Affair is highly recommended for every adventure gamer. Too bad that James Bond license Interplay paid for didn't seem to help the game's sales... although it becomes an amusing gaffe in the game: James Bond apparently had enough of Q and decided to work for the CIA instead . John Glames in the original Operation Stealth wasn't a good enough name for a spy, so it seems.

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