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This is a classic text-parser-with-moving-onscreen-actors adventure game from the early 90's. In this game you are a tech specalist for a company. (Basically Les is the poster child for nerds all over the US.) Your goal is to win the Search for Elvis contest and win the heart of the girl of your dreams. You might even wind up a superstar.

I could not believe my luck! While staying at Rainwife's I went through her old computer, the one she keeps in the cellar and found this little beauty installed!

That's right, it's Les Manley in Search for The King. Now for all you who don't know who Les Manley is, let me just say, he's the guy sitting next to Larry in a singles bar wondering what went wrong and how did they all get away.

The graphics in this game are nice (especially the opening scene) and what you hear from the speakers doesn't get on your nerves. The interface is simple enough to use (you move with the cursor keys and type in the commands), but I would prefer a fully clickable adventure game.

Now as for the plot... You are the guy who puts in the plugs and your bosses are offering a lot of money to the guy, who can find the king. You are determined to do just that - find the king (and off course collect the money). Did I mention you want to do all that during your lunch brake? Well off you go to find the king and there is also a walkthrough included to help you on your journey if you ever get stuck (and trust me, you probably will - I know I got stuck many times). The thing is that in this game there aren't any real hints to the puzzles (I never would have figured out that I have to get another guy's dreams). Although if you think about it for a while, the puzzles aren't that unrealistic (need a key from the boss, need to distract the boss, need to get his secretary in so he'd look at her nicely shaped attractive parts of the body and won't be watching the key - makes sense).

On your venture you will meet Helmut (if you played part two - also hosted on our site - you know who Helmut is), who will help you with your task. Also you will meet some gorgeous women and you will get in some deep elephant pooh-pooh. At that point you'll be really glad you didn't have that new smell-o-vision chip card installed on your computer.

So all in all this game could have been much better (there were much better games on the market at that time), but the game is still worth playing. Especially if you liked part II, which is already on our site.

Les Manley is a loser. He works at the small TV-Station WILL without any high responsibilities, just doing the work nobody else is willing to do. One day they decide to launch a big campaign promising a million dollar to the person who finds "The King of Entertainment". This is Les' opportunity! Not only could he use the money - he also hopes to draw the attention of the secretary Stella Hart, whose secret admirer he is for a long time, on him.

A nice adventure - made up very well, though you can't overlook some similarities to the Larry-series. While you can move your hero around with the mouse you still need to type in the actions. The parser isn't one of the best, but still ok. Overall very playable with some nice jokes.

A milder version of Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry, the lovable nerd Les Manley finds himself in this wacky adventure where he must literally search heaven and earth for the King himself. The text parser is very flexible (you can use pronouns, etc.). You *can* get stuck in unwinnable situations since the game happily lets you proceed without having all the necessary items. The game is disappointingly short, with the second half simply not as well scripted or funny as the first. Still, it's a funny game that deserve a second look-- just save often!

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