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Red Dwarf is based on BBC sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf, which is very popular in Europe. You are the main character: Lister, the last surviving member of the human race who is on board huge (and I mean really *huge*) freighter ship Red Dwarf. With you is a hologram of a nagging and fortunately dead crew member Rimmer, cleaning android Kryten, Holly the ship's computer and a Cat, feline evolved from Lister's cat and to which the only things that count are fashion clothes and appearance.

The game is relatively short, but don't be fooled: puzzles are impossible to solve unless you are familiar with this cult TV show and even then you will have a very hard time solving them - the game is certainly not for novices or those who are easily frustrated. If you want to play the game even though you don't know the show, I suggest reading the scripts of episodes "The End" (Series 1, episode 1), "Backwards" (series 3, episode 1) and "Time Slides" (series 3, episode 5) by following the link below. There are numerous implications to other episodes but knowledge of these three is essential for understanding and completing the game.

The game's author captured the feeling and the essence of the show so good, that I think it is impossible to do any better. If you are a die-hard fan of Red Dwarf, go ahead! Others should think twice-- unless you enjoy a tough challenge.


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