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Based on Arthur C. Clarke's classic science fiction novel Rendezvous With Rama.

After an uncatalogued giant asteroid is discovered approaching Earth, scientists soon realize that it is in reality an alien starship. As commander of the spaceship Endeavor, and being the nearest to the gargantuan ship, it is up to you to rendezvous with it and explore it before it leaves the Solar system

Rendezvous with Rama is a disappointing game based on Arthur C. Clarke's classic sci-fi novel of the same name. As captain of the ship, your task is to dock with and explore Rama, a huge alien vessel complete with large cities and strange mechanical inhabitants. Telarium's parser is adequate, although nothing special. You are in command of several crew members, whom you can ask for advice (not very helpful) or order to do your bidding. Interactions with your crew and other characters, however, are minimal, and most of the time you will be staring at vast areas of Rama that are depressingly devoid of life. Puzzles center around finding use for various alien gadgets you find, but solving them requires a lot of trial-and-error as there are very little clues. Boring writing, uninspired graphics, and lack of player interaction make this game another waste of a famous literary license. Play Sierra's CD-ROM game Rama instead for a much more authentic and enjoyable adventure.

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