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You return, as Ernie Eaglebeak, to Sorcerer University for your Sophomore year. But now, your mind is focused on the ordeal of every SU sophomore: initiation week. Once you have been suitably hazed, you must get down to business and save the entire university.

Spellcasting 201 is an interactive fiction game in which your roster of spells will come in handy. A list of commands and objects (including spells) is on the left of the screen to be chosen from. Movement is in the eight compass directions. You must make contact with the girls, and solve tricky puzzles. Nice mode turns off the more lurid details featured in Naughty Mode

They wanted to keep faithful to the prequel (the first Spellcasting game). Enjoyable, funny, with intelligent humor, nutty and with a lot of sex. Exactly the same recipe that was used for Leather Goddess of Phobos. The game takes you back to mythical Peloria. You are again young Ernie Eaglebeak and still wish to become a mighty wizard. Your first task this time is to fill a bathtub. Actually, you need to make an army of bananas to do it (Sounds weird you say? Well, then you still haven't lost your sanity, but the game is long enough to make you lose it...)

Graphics - Sound - Gameplay

There is no animation (except for some effects like with the water fountain, where you have the feeling the water really is squirting out), so the fanatics of graphic adventures will not find much here. However, the picture screen does the job. The music is simple but nice.

The whole game is a mix between a graphic and text adventure. There is a whole bunch of text commands you can type or select with the mouse from the command menu at the bottom right of the screen. The whole screen consists out of four basic parts. At the top right is the graphic screen, to left is the navigation compass with some basic game control buttons, bottom left are two menus with verb lists and inventory stuff or some game characters and bottom right is the game's description of places and shows inventory stuff as well as the commands that you type or select with mouse. Between the top and bottom screens is a horizontal window that gives some short information of places or things that you find in the game, as well as the time and the day of the week. Something more about the graphic screen. A short appearance of the place you are at, the map of the area, your inventory and your status (score, moves, magic level) are shown there. Some commands can be executed with the mouse in the graphic window. Single click is the LOOK command and double click on the object of your interest is the GET/OPEN command. Clicking on the direction of the compass that is highlighted makes you go to that direction. With the HELP command you will get a menu where you can configure the game. With the F4 button, the whole game transforms to a text-adventure. Typing CAST will show you all the characters in the game that you have met, which is very useful to players with a weak memory, like me.

Action - Puzzles - Atmosphere

The atmosphere in the game is fantastic. That's because an incredible effort was made in making the puzzles. The game has several chapters. I could say that the puzzles are for more experienced adventurers. If you are an old school adventurer, good at puzzles, lover of smart scenarios, or you believe that laughing makes you live longer, then this game is for you. Enjoy it!

Spellcasting 201 vastly improved on the original ideas first used in Spellcasting 101, and has a more substantial and interesting plot. While slightly more challenging than the first game, it is still rather easy, but it does tie in with events from Spellcasting 101: now in his sophomore year, Ernie must finish impossible tasks in order to become member of a fraternity. More fun and the first game, with more sexual innuendos and creative spell-related puzzles.

It didn't take too long for Legend to come up with the sequel for Spellcasting, and noone was disappointed. Unlike majority of sequels, this one was if not an improvement, then at least of the same caliber as the original one. With your character already in the Sorceror's University, you find yourself struggling to save it from the certain destruction. The Spellcasting series always boasted certain degree of nudity and suggestive themes, but they cannot be classified as adult games. A must have for anyone who liked innovative word-driven style of Legend.

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