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The evil Vampire, Lord Drakul had been destroyed and the throne regained in The Crimson Crown. Prince Erik and Princess Sabrina had fled by sailing boat only to be shipwrecked by a giant wave bringing them back ashore. After escaping death, Prince Erik wonders what has become of Princess Sabrina? Alone on a mountaintop, he learns that he is in the land of Slavaria, north of Transylvania... and that another Vampire controls the land.

When tired, sleep in a safe place, or else wake from a horrible dream with two marks on your neck, after three visits you're done for.

This time the challenges are far greater, and so are the number of locations. Bizarre characters and creatures lurk; from town-folk at the local inn who are not as they seem to horrible monsters and cute elks. They player may help others, and they might offer assistance. Explore the Egyptian museum for artifacts or get stuck in the maze to meeting the Queen. The ultimate goal is to destroy the vampire plaguing this land.

The last game in the Transylvania series ends in a high note with improved graphics, much better plot and writing, and more difficult puzzles. This time you're not just up against an evil vampire but entire armies of horrific creatures. The verb-noun limitation of Comprehend results in a few annoying "guess-the-verb" puzzles, but other than that it's an excellent, action-filled trip into the lands of the undead. The spooky atmosphere is carried well with the graphics and real-time threats you always have to deal with. Definitely the capstone of Polarware's career and one of its very best.

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