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Odysseus Kent, an odd little fellow is searching for the Lost Treasure of Randolph McBoing (all based on a map he got from a shadowy guy at the bus stop). Equipped with a trusty shovel and treasure map, the would-be treasure hunter braves the cold and darkness to the supposed site where the treasure the cemetery in the courtyard of the local church. Suddenly out of the darkness, a mysterious figure appears with a cursing eye! Just his luck, he's caught red-handed by the local priest... Oh, well. Now, he has to find access the hard way, since the priest isn't hiring any novice grave diggers.

Another freeware game by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw is a small but humorous adventure game similar to the likes of Monkey Island (you'll notice the resemblance when our hero talks).

The game, like most 3rd Person adventure games, consists of action buttons which you use to interact with your surrounding. Simple as it is, it has your standard Look, Use, Talk, Inventory features.

The Trials of Odysseus Kent is a short but very entertaining adventure game reminiscent of Monkey Island 2. The plot: you are Odysseus Kent, who has recently arrived in a small village in search of the Lost Treasure of Randolph McBoing. You have found out that the treasure is buried in the cemetery at a local churchyard. The problem is that the parish priest won't let you dig there. Your goal, of course, is to somehow gain access to the burial site.

While the game is very short and easy, its excellent sense of humor and funny dialogues ensure that you will enjoy it while it lasts. The dialogues in particular deserve special mention as some of the best scripts ever written for a freeware adventure game. Compared to Ben Croshaw's earlier (and already very good) Rob Blanc series, The Trials of Odysseus Kent is a superior game despite shorter length. I finished the game in one go, but enjoyed every minute of it. If you love LucasArts' classic adventures, this is one fanmade game that you should play. In The Trials of Odysseus Kent, Ben Croshaw succeeded in capturing the sense of humor that made Monkey Island so memorable.

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