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After a devastating atomic war, the world population was nearly annihilated, and the survivors had to hide deep underground. In the meantime, a peaceful race of human-like creatures, the boozooks, populated the Earth. After the humans ascended to the surface again, they started a bloody war against this race. The boozooks were mercilessly destroyed, their culture demolished, and in the end of the war the boozooks became the slaves of the humans.

You play the role of Woodruff, a boy whose foster father, professor Azimuth, was kidnapped by government officials. Apparently, the professor was developing a strange device called "schnibble", which had something to do with the liberation of the boozooks. Woodruff must find his father, dethrone the evil Bigwig and his corrupt government, and save the boozookian people.

This is an adventure game with a lot of tricky puzzles, similar in style and design to the famous Gobliiins games by the same creators. Unlike Gobliins, this is a full-fledged adventure where you can move around freely and interact with many characters.

Coktel ended its line of puzzle games on a mildly disappointing note, with a game that is too confusing, too open-ended, with puzzles so wacky (i.e. illogical) that they would require an unusual brain or an inordinate amount of time to solve. Even the plot itself is hard to summarize: You are an alien named Woodruff who is tasked with finding the mysterious gadget the Schnibble of Azimuth.

Despite vibrant SVGA graphics and some very funny sight gags, the puzzles are so confusing and illogical that I doubt anyone could finish this game without any hints. Recommended, but only to puzzle experts. And even then, be prepared to take some Advil while you're at it ;)

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