Leisure Suit Larry 2: Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) Download (1988 Adventure Game)

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Following on the heels of the unexpected surprise hit Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Al Lowe strikes again with Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love! (In Several Wrong Places). Still utilizing the parser-driven interface of the original game, Looking for Love ships on six 360K floppies, with each disk featuring a particular area for Larry to explore. Linear adventuring is required, with no backtracking to areas previously completed (hint: get all items before moving on).

Social diseases, rude, lewd and crude behavior, adult-language, sexual situations -- all the elements that made the original a hit are featured along with illogical (as well as logical) thinking in some cases. This second chapter in Larry's pursuits is known for the introduction of Passionate Patti (a character featured in two later titles in the series), jokes about Larry's receding hairline, and the collaboration with Bil Skirvin as art director on the series.

The storyline of Looking for Love requires Larry to interact with a much larger cast of characters, locales and organizations. Follow Larry's adventures in Los Angeles (Hollywood, Eve's house, drugstore, etc.), on television shows ("The Dating Connection" and "The Lucky Bucko Lottery Show"), a cruise ship (U.S.S. Love Tub), a lifeboat, Nontoonyt Island, an airport, and a tropical resort with jungles, beaches and cliffs (oh my!). Encounter killer bees, quicksand, witch doctors, gorgeous women, Dr. Nonookie, a volcano, and much more as you help Larry go Looking for Love.

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) is the second game in Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry series. Continuing the plot of the previous game, the swinging single Larry Laffer, has finally found his true love and is happily living with her. Right? Wrong!.. Because Larry is mercilessly thrown out by his great love and is left all alone, penniless, and womanless, in Los Angeles. Accidentally, Larry comes into contact with KGB agents who will pursue him all over the globe from now on. And there is also the evil doctor Noontonyt plotting evil schemes on a remote tropical island... Looks like Larry will have to forget about his women-related problems for now... or is it so?

The second Leisure Suit Larry game introduces an improved engine (allowing for full-screen graphics and mouse control for movement). There are less puzzles than in the previous game, and more ways to die.

Larry is still searching for the ultimate woman. Eve was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to discover "true romance". At the beginning of the game, you win the lottery, which will give you a million dollars every year for as long as you live. You also win a trip to a tropical island. Mmmmmm... Tropical ladies... Another adventure lies ahead.

All is not well on the island, however, and Larry will get mixed up with a mad scientist bent on destruction. It is up to you to escape and save the island from the evil Dr. Nonookie - and of course win the ladies!

This game is, unfortunately, not as good as Larry 1, but it is still fun to play. The graphics have improved too, but sadly the fullscreen pictures of the ladies are gone. I really liked that in the first game, and it was a shame to see that they were skipped in the sequel. Mouse control is also included in this game.

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