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Leisure Suit Larry 2 Point and Click is a great fanmade "re-release" of Al Lowe's popular classic game. Basically it is the same game with one critical difference: the text parser has been replaced with a mouse-based point-and-click interface similar to later Larry games. This is done by converting the game from Sierra's SCI game engine to Adventure Game Studio. Since the original game uses a very basic parser that never expects more than the all-important USE, this shift to a point-and-click interface takes away nothing major from the game, except the amusing wisecracks Larry will say in response to wacky sentences you type. Because you no longer need to tear your hair out over trying to make the dumb parser understand your sentence, you will have a lot more fun enjoying the world and weird puzzles of LSL2. As is natural in point-and-click games, every inventory item in the game is now represented by an icon, all of which have a tiny "hotspot" (similar to items in Gabriel Knight) that marks the exact pixel you can interact with the environment.

As to the game itself: well, if you call yourself an adventure game fan and you have never heard of Leisure Suit Larry, you are missing out one of the most endearing game characters ever created - and you really can't call yourself adventure gamer until you play these games to see what the fuss is about ;) Here are some excerpts from Adventure Gamer's review of Larry's second adventure to prepare you for what to expect:

"After being dumped by his Eve (the final woman in the first game), luck finally seems to be going Larry's way. He just spent his last dollar on a winning lottery ticket and won a one-month cruise on the U.S.S. Love Tub after accidentally being chosen the winner of a TV dating show. But, as with most Larry adventures, this simple premise leads to a fantastical story complete with KGB operatives, doppelgangers, and of course lots of lovely ladies.

Puzzles are a little different than in LSL1, ranging from the logical to bizarre, depending on what the storyline needs at the moment. There are a much better variety of puzzles in this second installment, with fewer fetching puzzles for the various girls and more puzzles that actually move the story along. But, as with all Sierra games, you can and will die during the game, sometimes at random. So make sure to save your game every chance you get, or you may find yourself starting the game over and over trying to avoid yet another hilarious death scene. LSL2 is a much longer game than LSL1, but still rather short by today's standards. Without a walkthrough most adventure gamers can expect to finish up in around 10-12 hours or so, taking into account the enormous amount of dying and restoring you're sure to do. With a walkthrough, it's more like a 4-5 hour game. This makes it a great game for one of those lazy weekends when you don't really know what you feel like playing.

The bottom line is that this is another in a long line of cool games by Sierra, a company that at one point seemed like they could do no wrong. If you haven't played it before, pick it up when you get a chance and you won't be disappointed. If, like me, you've played through it more times than you can remember, pick it up again and re-live how much fun a man in a leisure suit can have."


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