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This game is set in medieval England. You play as Robin Hood. Your objective is to free King Richard from the French by raising money for his ransome. There are many different endings depending on the score you get. The game uses a mouse interface. There are arcade sequences built into the story, but their difficulty can be adjusted, or they can be completely turned off.

Who hasn't heard the legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian? The fabled hero of Sherwood Forest was declared an outlaw by the Sheriff of Nottingham, for fighting for justice and questioning the system. Together with other outlaws he began to fight the authorities using guerrilla tactics.

This game gives you the chance to experience this famous tale through the eyes of Robin Hood himself. Sierra made this fabulous game in 1991, and they used every trick in the book in order to make it a game to remember. For instance, the game includes multiple endings, depending on your actions and their consequences. Also, little arcade games have been placed in the story to add some variety to an otherwise very monotonous point-and-click game.

You start the game in your grotto in Sherwood, together with your merry men. This has been your home for the last couple of years, and you have always gone through life day by day, not knowing what would happen next. This night, however, things are going to change forever. As you sleep, a goddess of angelic beauty enters your dreams and starts to dance. When you try to reach out for this vision, she disappears and a magnificent green emerald in the shape of half a heart is the only thing that remains of her. Waking from your dream, you discover the gem in the palm of your hand. So begins the search to find your true love, Maid Marian.

Your search will lead you into a treacherous scheme to overthrow the good King Richard the Lionheart. You are the only one who can stop the Sheriff and the abbot, but it will not be easy. Most likely, there will be several death scenes before you can finally release the King from his prison. As previously stated, the game has multiple endings, so it can be played several times, with some new aspects being added to the story each time.

Sierra has once again made a game that is fun to play and easy to navigate through. It features a great storyline and is packed with extraordinary scenery. All in all, this game deserves a home on this site.

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