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LucasArts' enthralling graphic adventure The Dig begins when an asteroid the size of a small city threatens to collide with Earth. A select group of astronauts and experts is assembled to meet the deadly meteor in space and blast it from its destructive course. As the group reaches the asteroid, something goes terribly wrong and three members of the crew are transported to an alien world beyond their wildest imaginations.

The alien planet has been abandoned -- a fact that immediately prompts several questions. Who lived there? What were they like? Why did they leave? The answers will come but first you've got a lot of exploring to do. You'll need to operate alien machinery, decipher a seemingly incomprehensible new language and venture through a vast subterranean city to discover the truth behind this exceptional mystery. With every piece of the story you uncover, additional layers of wonder shine through.

Alongside this fascinating plot are some very nice visuals. You'll be impressed with the scope of the alien landscape and may often feel as if you are right there with the displaced crew of astronauts. From the top of an immense cliff to the bowels of the mysterious underground city, the graphics complement the story perfectly.

Your viewpoint character, Commander Boston Low, is a likable man who must find a way off the strange planet while keeping his two companions -- Dr. Ludger Brink and reporter Maggie Robbins -- out of danger. Brink and Robbins help out quite a bit if you know what to ask them but as the story progresses you may also come to wonder just how much you can trust these two characters. This is owed in part to each character's excellent dialogue, which was written by Hugo and Nebula award winning author Orson Scott Card.

The interface is a variation of LucasArts' simple point-and-click method, an easy-to-use system that provides a nearly limitless number of choices for character and object manipulation. If you want your character to do something, chances are there's a way to make it happen.

The puzzles are also quite good. While there are only a few real brain twisters, most take a good degree of thought and all can be figured out with enough time. Some of the most enjoyable ones require teamwork between you and one or both of your companions, so make sure you keep track of your friends' whereabouts.

The Dig is the kind of adventure we've all come to expect from LucasArts. With an imaginative story, an attractive visual backdrop and a wealth of intelligent puzzles, it belongs near the top of the adventure game class.

Graphics: Breathtaking visual design.

Sound: Good voices, great soundtrack.

Enjoyment: If you like thought-provoking adventure, you'll like The Dig.

Replay Value: Like most graphic adventures, you'll only play it once.

A group of scientists discovers an asteroid that is on its way to a collision with the Earth. Is there any way to prevent the disaster? Boston Low, a NASA veteran, is sent to command a space expedition on the asteroid. Accompanied by the journalist Maggie Robbins and the archaeologist Brink, Boston investigates the asteroid and finds a strange structure that undoubtedly belongs to an alien civilization. During the course of investigations, the team finds itself on a seemingly deserted planet. They have no knowledge of the planet and no possibility of going back. Will they ever discover the secret of this strange world and find a way to get home?

"Dig" is a point-and-click adventure game with a simple one-cursor interface and more complex puzzles than usually encountered in LucasArts' adventures. Despite having a serious story, the game follows in many ways the tradition of LucasArts' humorous adventures.

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