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Poor old Ben the biker has been beaten up, robbed, and thrown in a dumpster behind his local bar. Now, the normally kind-hearted Ben is feeling mean, ornery, and set on revenge. A smarmy, evil tycoon called Adrian Ripburger has stolen something and someone close to the biker's heart and Ben will have to follow Ripburger's trail with a sharp eye to pick up all the clues and information he'll need to settle the score.

Full Throttle is better considered as an interactive movie with a gripping storyline, rather than as an action game worth returning to again and again. The characters in the story are very well developed and some of the cut scene animation sequences are excellent. Still, one or two of the puzzle situations are so annoying as to discourage further playing of the game in spite of its otherwise engaging qualities.

For the most part, Full Throttle is an excellent game, full of plot twists and unusual situations that will keep the player engrossed for hours. The gameplay is excellent, featuring clever, puzzling situations that fill the gamer with a sense of satisfaction once they're solved. In conjunction with the storyline, some puzzles even instill in the player a sense of pride and achievement for escaping the life-threatening situations that Ben must face along the way.

Graphics: Excellent animation courtesy of LucasArts.

Sound: CD quality sounds and voices

Enjoyment: This is an absorbing interactive animated movie.

Replay Value: You'll already know everytihng that happens after you've solved the game once.

You are Ben, leader of the Polecats, one of the toughest and meanest biker gangs on the road. You were just having a bit of good clean fun at the Kickstand bar when old man Corley, owner of Corley Motors, dropped by for a bit of reminiscing. Next thing you know, you wake up in a dumpster, someone tells you about an ambush (of your Polecats?) and you got mixed up in the greatest adventure of your lifetime...

In Full Throttle, you direct a character around a 2-D screen and solve a few puzzles along the way. There are a few action sequences. The graphics are cartoon-style, similarly to LucasArts' previous adventure games, Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit The Road. The game features a revamped interface: instead of choosing a command verb or an action icon and then interacting with an object, you can now simply point at it, and the available action icons will appear automatically.

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