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A Captain's life is a hard one. After nine months of deployment first in Operation Iraqi Freedom and then running drug interdiction along the coasts of South America, your ship and crew need a break. USS Las Vegas calls at the Navy base in Sigonella, Sicily for ship replenishment and crew R&R (that's rest and relaxation for all you landlubbers). before official attachment to the US Sixth Fleet.

Your one week of desperately needed shore leave at a private villa in Tuscany is canceled the night you arrive. Before you get the chance to unpack your suitcase you're speeding back to your Ticonderoga-class Cruiser, under orders to disembark for The Strait of Gibraltar immediately. Your top priority is to stop al qaeda from achieving their latest objective; the complete disruption of international trade through relentless terrorist attacks on maritime shipping.

Just one lost freighter can plunge the global economy into chaos as fear drives markets down and runs international trade into the ground. The fate of the modern world itself is at risk if this latest terrorist threat isn't stopped. Enter USS Las Vegas.

Traveling from the Mediterranean to the Middle East to the Far East, you are tasked with putting an end to the plans and ambitions of terrorists and rogue nations who seek to further their twisted agendas through fear and intimidation.

Your cruiser's cutting-edge technology and the world's best Special Forces , SEAL Team 3, are at your command as you carry out your orders to bring order to chaos across the world on this multi-mission naval techno thriller!

All of the firepower of USS Las Vegas is at your disposal and is yours to command. From firing nuclear-armed Tomahawks to conventional missiles to giving the order to deploy the SEALs, your skills as a captain are put to the test at every turn. You won't only face challenges from enemies abroad, your command skills will be challenged by members of your own crew. The superior strategist will win the day handily while the inferior captain may get his ship destroyed on the open seas.

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