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Lots of games are made from movies and also movies made from games, neither often turn out very well in the translation though. Once upon a forest was first made as a movie but I never saw it so I can't really judge it. The game is about a number of forest creatures who are called the furlings, one day they go into the forest and the youngest of them eats a poisoned mushroom. There is a cure but unfortunately the herbs are far away and it's a long and dangerous road. The three furlings decide to go and find the herbs to save their friend and this is where your adventure starts.

Abigail, a mouse, declares herself the leader and together with the hedgehog Russel and the smart mole Edgar the three furlings go on the journey and it starts at the house where Michelle the sick furling is. Your main objective is to find the two herbs and you can check all the plants along the way to find out if they are the right ones and otherwise you might learn something about them anyway. Along the way you can pick up any items that might be usefull later on even though it's not evident straight away what to use them for, luckily Edgar will can tell being a scientist and all. Your journey will have plenty of dangers as well since you are but small creatures and snakes, weasels and eventually humans will stand in your way of getting what you want but with teamwork and some help from other animals you will get there in the end.

Once upon a forest is a very simple adventure game really only suited for the youngest players and fans of the movie. The interface is extremely simple and you can't even select actions they are simply selected based on what you move the mouse over. In some situations you can even click the lamp and Edgar the mole will think of a solution to the problem. The graphics are pretty good and the forest is detailed and lush and the fact that the game has full speech throughout the entire game is a big plus. There is a problem with the pace as the three of you go together everywhere and looking at flowers all the time and not finding the right one can be boring. That said the game is so simple it won't take you long to finish but it kept me entertained till the finish so for a quick adventure game you can check this game out.

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