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Nippon Safes, Inc. is the predecessor to Big Red Adventure, both being cartoon adventure games by Italian developer Dynabyte. As in its followup, here players take the role of three different heroes (though, opposite to Goblins series, one at time). They are Doug, the smart safe cracker; Dino, the strong, but dumb, boxer; and Donna, the sexy club dancer.

The game takes place in Tokyo. While all three characters explore almost the same areas, each of the heroes has its own story to follow and puzzles to solve. You can choose which character would you like to play first, and which - lastly. When you have finished all three sub-plots, you'll get a final with all three characters acting altogether.

The game features cartoonish, comics-style graphics, unique icon-based interface and non-linear plot. It is also full of Italian humor, and the game is played more like a comedy, rather then crime-based adventure.

The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity. Harlan Ellison (1934 - )

And Japan is full of both! At least, in Nippon Safes. In 1992, Dynabyte released this game, and it spawned three characters we would see in many following games: Dough Nuts, Donna Fatale and Dino Fagioli.

The fun of this game is that you can play with all three of them. All have a different story, but in the end the three storylines find each other in a very funny climax.

This is a point-'n'-click adventure. Everything is done with the mouse. You use the left mouse button to move around, and the right mouse button is used to access the action menu. It's easy as pie but unfortunately the variety of actions is limited. You can only interact with people (or objects) if that is in line with the story. That means that you can't fool around, something I just love to do in such games.

The graphics are very nice. The backgrounds are wonderfully drawn, and this gives a very nice effect. The style is almost cartoon-like, which adds to the humorous properties of the game.

There are no sound effects. There is music, which gets annoying after a while.

And the verdict: the graphics, playability and humour cancel the sound, limited gameplay, somewhat difficult puzzles and bugs. This leaves the game with a respectable 3. Have fun!

A short-lived European adventure game that was never released in the U.S. by one of Italy's best game developers, Nippon Safes, Inc. features a novel plot: three hapless criminals formed a team to undertake ambitious safe-cracking schemes. You control all 3 characters, although only one at a time. The interface recalls Activision's later Return To Zork, with pop-up icons that change depending on items and situation. Overall, it's a fun above-average game with logical puzzles. Dynabyte would later release Big Red Adventure, a bigger and better adventure game.

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