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Isis reminded me a bit of The 7th Guest for the way you click and move about the landscape. Isis's controls are a bit more problematic, though. Some areas are forbidden to you even though they look accessible. Most of the items aboard ship are fairly accessible, and it is easy to figure out where most items go or are used.

The items all have a mostly Egyptian feel, and the ship itself is imprisoned in a pyramid. However, the fallen columns are clearly Greek. Even if you don't know this, the scene somehow seems a bit false, detracting from the reality of the setting.

Inside the ship, the accessible areas are fairly limited, but very well done. The ship feels real, as do the items aboard her, even though they are clearly constructed.

Once you have found the gems, there are other items you must find and other actions you must perform to bring the ship to life. Isis appears to help you from time to time, giving advice, but no real hints. She will tell you when more things need to be done. Search everywhere... some items are hidden in plain sight.

If you are successful, the ship will be launched before the volcano outside explodes and destroys the pyramid. Then, you will be treated to a concert by the captain and crew, in reality the members of the band "Earth, Wind and Fire".

Unfortunatly, it is obvious this CD game was constructed around the band. It is less a game than a vehicle for the band and their music. It's nice, but shouldn't try to masquerade as a game. Still, it will hold your interest for a while.

Graphics: Looks good during the video clips and while the scene is stationary, but grainy while moving.

Sound: Sounds are good and clear. Mostly, deathly silence and the crackling, rumbling roar of the volcano fill the background.

Enjoyment: There isn't nearly enough to do, If you are fairly observant and click everything in sight, you can arrive at a brute force conclusion eventually.

Replay Value: Sadly, once you have completed the game, there is little reason to replay.

The ship Isis was on a mission to bring the peace of music to many worlds. Unfortunately, a cataclysm on one world forced the crew to enter a disembodied sleep. Only one crew member, the magician also named Isis, guarded the ship during its sleep.

After a thousand years, you have arrived on this strange world and discovered the Isis, which sleeps still. It is your task to find the mystical gems which power the ship to bring it back to life and send it sailing to your own world, bringing its message of music and hope.

The game was made with the help of the musical group Earth, Wind & Fire.

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