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Where Prince Interactive takes hours to finish and attempts to offer a career overview, Bowie's CD-ROM skips the ch-ch-changes and rehashes videos and songs from his 1993 Black Tie White Noise album. After the opening credits, you enter an elevator and walk down the corridors of a gray office building matching the set for the music video "Jump They Say". You are given a choice of entering three rooms: the David Bowie suite, the video suite or Room 2901. Inside the David Bowie suite is an office with desk, filing cabinet and chair. By clicking a camera sitting on the desk, you hear a 10-minute audio interview with shallow off-the-cuff commentary from Bowie, illustrated with photographs from a recording session. Clicking a briefcase on the floor launches an equally unsatisfying 10-minute video interview. Room 2901 contains a telescope. Looking through the telescope, you enter rooms in a hotel across the street to watch four music videos: "Jump They Say," "Black Tie, White Noise," "Miracle Goodnight" and "You've Been Around." The videos play in a window filling an eighth of the screen and look almost as good as MTV. Inexplicably, the hotel rooms contain little hidden surprises that seem to have wandered onto the disk from some children's game - click on a dog, for example, and it barks; click on a bowling trophy, and a bowling ball rolls across the floor. The video suite puts you at the controls of a video-editing machine where you create a customized version of "Jump They Say." The creativity is strictly limited, however, to selecting from five video tracks playing simultaneously, designating one to display on the main screen.

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