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Dr. Claw has kidnapped UN members and replaced them with his robots. Your mission is to find and rescue these UN members, who are being held captive around the globe, then return to the UN building to save the world.

This is an adventure game made for children, so its difficulty level is low and the missions' structure is always the same.

The player can choose to play as Penny, Inspector Gadget's niece, or her dog Brain, and will frequently switch characters during the game. Brain is kidnapped early on in the game, but Penny manages to help Brain escape. Penny will be locked away somewhere, and the player must find some of her uncle's gadgets and clues to where she is kept captive. Switching characters again, the player must then disguise himself and rescue Penny. After this the player rejoins Uncle Gadget, gives him back the gadgets found with Penny and rescues the UN member, using the gadgets, which can be activated through Penny's book.

When this is done for every kidnapped UN member the player can go to stop Claw's plan at the UN building.

The gameplay is the same as a point-and-click adventure interface, the player moves Penny and Brain around and has at his disposal the classic take-look-talk-etc. icons in the bar at the bottom of the screen, plus an icon to switch from Penny to Brain, and another to use Penny's book (which gives access to gadgets and various information).

You've all heard of the clumsiest crime fighter in the world, I bet. He's Inspector Gadget. The cartoon was one of my favorites when I was still a kid, and I only stopped watching because none of the channels I get shows this great cartoon. So I was more then happy to play this game.

In the game you play Gadget's niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain. They are the pair who will actually solve the case. And this time the case is really important. Dr. Claw has kidnapped UN members and hypnotized them. In their place he has put his own robots. It is up to you to foil his evil plot. You must find these four UN members, who are being held captive around the globe, then return to New York to the UN building to save the world.

The graphics are very true to the cartoon, and the music supports the feel of the game but can get annoying after some time. The game has some speech in it, but that's basically just some of Gadget's set phrases like: Go-go-Gadget chain saw.

This is an adventure game but with children in mind, so is somewhat easier than most adventure games. You start off in Metro city and must find out what the mission is. You must always talk to your uncle (for you're a good little niece) and as soon as Gadget leaves, you go into action. When you're stuck, try switching to Brain. The puzzles are all built the same way. When you arrive somewhere, you wander around getting in trouble. You can never escape, but you can get Brain to jump off a train or eject him from the car. Then you'll be locked away somewhere, but you can find some of your uncle's gadgets and clues to your whereabouts. After you know where you are, you must contact Brain and tell him your location. Next, you must play as Brain and rescue Penny. Brain always uses disguises. When Penny is saved, you reunite with your uncle at the location where a UN member is being held. You must enter that place (of course by Brain using a brilliant disguise) and use one of the gadgets to save the scientist. A very useful tool is your computer book. From there you can control the gadgets, activate the magnet, call Brain or the Chief and even get some facts about the country you're in.

This game will get a four for the joy it brought me when I played it. A seasoned adventure player might find it too easy: the puzzles are very simple, and the game is too short. But you must think in the mindset of children. The game is simplied, somewhat, for them; yet it looks and sounds nice enough. So the experience is there.

Inspector Gadget is an excellent family-oriented point-and-click adventure startting the kind but bumbling cartoon hero. The game is aimed at a younger crowd, with a focus on environmental issues and abundant in-game hints. This is one of the more successful TV adaptations because the plot is interesting, voice acting is done well, and puzzles are logical. It may also be the first game in history that lets you play a dog, although not to as great an effect as in Sierra's Pepper's Adventures in Time.. Recommended!

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