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The situation is as follows: the President of the United States is missing. He was last seen on June 6, 1996, before a meeting with the top ten leaders of Europe. What transpired during this meeting is unclear, but the incident happened so quickly that it is believed terrorists are behind the disappearance. Much of what is known about the case can be found on one cassette tape, presumably left by the kidnappers. Who is behind this? Could it be Libya? Could it be someone within the U.S. Government? The sensitivity of the case means that it must be investigated by the best in the business -- you!

The President is Missing! is a mystery game where you play the role of a lead investigator looking to find the whereabouts of the President -- as well as the person or persons responsible for what appears to be his kidnapping. An actual audio tape is included with the game to set the stage for the action. After listening to possible clues and the terrorist demands, you must piece together the mystery by reading through various reports, examining surveillance photos, and determining which suspects to investigate using one of your eight field agents. Make sure you act quickly, though -- time is not on your side!

The President of the USA and other heads of state were kidnapped! It's up to you as a special investigator to find them. In this text-based adventure mystery you must wade through piles of information, and send agents into the field to investigate suspects, all in the hopes of catching the culprits and saving the world leaders.

Although not traditional IF in a sense that there is no text parser, President is Missing and its sequel Presumed Guilty embody what make great IF: involving story and inventive puzzles where logical deduction and attention to detail are key to success. Both games cast you as official investigator: President is Missing puts you in charge of an investigation to rescue missing presidents from terrorists, while its successor is based on a more typical detective plot. Innovative on many levels, including real-time action, great details, and captivating storylines. Check out the "database" command for comprehensive on-line instructions and background story.

Note: In addition to the manual below, you also need the cassette tape that came with the game, since you must decipher the morse code at one point. You can download the cassette content in Ogg Vorbis music format below, and listen to it with an Ogg player such as dBPowerAMP.

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