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The second Questprobe adventure moves on from the 'verb noun' command interface of The Hulk and allows fuller sentence inputs. The in-game graphics also see some degree of advancement. You play Spider-Man, Peter Parker's crime-fighting alter-ego, as he takes on Mysterio, who can block out Parker's Spidery senses using his canisters of poison.

As in The Hulk, the Examiner plays a key part in the game, as he initially strips Spider-Man's knowledge and prepares him for the battle. Throughout the game you meet many familiar Marvel characters, using the clues in the provided guidebook to help you deal with these situations correctly.

Spider Man is in trouble. Big trouble. And it's up to you to help him. Spider Man is trapped in a strange building, and it doesn't seem like there is any way out. There is no staircase, and the only lift in the building appears to be broken. What IS a poor man to do?

Questprobe Featuring Spiderman is the second of the Questprobe adventure games, and is set in the world of ... you got it... Spiderman. As the game begins, there doesn't seem any clue as to how \ why you got there. However, after a bit of research, I discovered that Spider Man has been captured by Chief Examiner, and his mind has been wiped of all knowledge You play as Spider Man, and as you explore, it soon becomes apparent that your have to collect all the gems, and give them to Madame Web. This is not as easy as it sounds, however, as you must use all of your brain power to over come many tricky (and sometimes illogical) puzzles along the way. You must learn to make the most of Spider Man's unique super powers in order to defeat his enemies. Learn to use his tingling spider sense, his excellent spider strength, and his ability to climb on walls and ceilings. Just don't forget to check your progress every so often, by typing in SCORE.

Spider Man is a graphics text adventure game created by Scott Adams in 1984. The screen consists of a large picture to show where you are, with some text underneath describing things in more detail. The game uses a simple text parser to control your character's actions, and allows you to type in short sentences, such as "Look Crib" or "Get Gem From Aquarium". The game also understands simple commands like N, S, E, W, Examine, Look, Talk, Inv, Score etc. If you don't seem to be getting anywhere, try re-phrasing the command. However, being a Scott Adams adventure, the game is full of tricky puzzles, which can sometimes seem to be a bit illogical. Spider Man is a hard game, and you need to think very long and hard in order to progress.

When you first start the game, you are given the option of playing the game with graphics (colour monitor) or without graphics (monochrome monitor). After that, the game starts properly. I must point out that, even though you are a super hero, you can still get overloaded if you try to carry too much. Like I said earlier, the game has some very tricky, and sometimes illogical, puzzles. If you are not careful, you may end up dead. Okay, you don't really die as such - you end up in a high-gravity area. Simply go down the stairs (press D) to return to an earlier screen. There is also a horrendous maze in this game, and it is easy to get lost. But don't worry. As long as you remember to SAVE GAME often, then you should be fine. Spider Man has 1 game slot which can be overwritten as many times as necessary. If you need to load your saved game at any point, just type RESTORE GAME.

Graphics in this game are in the same style as the previous Questprobe game (The Hulk) - rich and colourful. Although in my opinion, they do seem slightly inferior in quality at times. However, I was impressed by Sandman's entrance, as well as the Chem Lab. Mysterio appears from time to time, and while visually appealing, he doesn't seem to serve any purpose. Your inventory is just shown as words across the bottom of the screen this time, rather than seeing a picture of everything you are carrying.

There is barely any sound is this game - just a **BEEP** when you execute a command. This is quite poor, even for a 1984 game. Still, you can always put on a cd, and listen to that as you play.

Questprobe Featuring Spiderman is a good old fashioned text adventure. It was created by Scott Adams in 1984, and being a Scott Adams game, it is full to the brim of notoriously tricky puzzles. I like how you use the skills of Spider Man in order to progress. You get to experiment with your super powers, and use them to your advantage. The simple text parser can be a little frustrating at times, as you struggle to find the correct words to perform an action, but at the same time, it just adds to the challenge. The graphics are rich and vibrant, almost as if I was reading a comic, but they seem slightly inferior to The Hulk's graphics, which was released earlier. All in all, a good old-fashioned text adventure, well worth a try.

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