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You were successful police officer Alan Chance, until you were killed during a raid on drug dealers, who managed to take a hostage in the process. People have assumed that you died as a result of your own mistakes.

Now you have returned as a ghost, with psychic powers in place of your physical ones. Starting out at your own funeral, you must follow conversations to find clues. One early task is to find items which boost your physical abilities. You have help from other deceased beings, starting with pub owner Joe Danby.

Scapeghost was Level 9's final adventure game, and it is in the same format as the existing ones, which makes for a text parser with additional graphics. Puzzles require instructions to be given to other characters. The game is split into 3 days, each of which can be played independently of each other - November Graveyard, Haunted House and Poltergeist.

Hello, I'm happy to inform you, that in order to play this game you need to be quite dead, so please commence the download, extract the archive, start the MENU file and kick the bucket in order to be the Scapeghost.

It's all quite simple. There's a dirty detective in town involved with drugs and he needs someone to pin it on. You just died making you his scapegoat. But as you find no peace in the afterlife you return to haunt the world of the living as a ghost, thus the title Scapeghost.

The game has one of the best graphics I've ever seen in a text based adventure and it supports different graphic modes. There's no animation and sound though. You are able to save or load the game and off course restart.

The game consists of three parts:

- November Graveyard- Haunted House- Poltergeist

Each can be played separately, but I strongly urge you to play the game from the beginning of part one, to the end of part three.

You can find a hintbook HERE, but for those that simply wish to win the game by the fastest shortcut I've also included a walkthrough as an extra.

So what's the game about?

As I already said, you're being framed by a corrupt detective. He's hiding drugs at the cemetery itself, where also the deliveries and pick ups are being made. As a ghost you are now stranded at the cemetery, without a living soul in sight. There are however other dead ones around.

Do you remember the movie Ghost? Well this game is (although not the PC version of it) is older then the movie (the C64 version was made in 1989), so one can claim they got some ideas from here. Remember Patrick Swayze learning how to manipulate with physical objects? Well, that's your first task. You start by picking up gravel and leaves and petals, only to strengthen your spirit.

So it's a very good game I really enjoyed on the old C64 and loved to play again on the PC. So I hope you'll all have as much fun playing it, although it's not the easiest of games (without a walkthrough).

Level 9's last adventure game features one of the most unique plots and player character ever seen in a game, even though the puzzles are sometimes bordering on the illogical. You are a police man who returns from beyond the grave as a ghost who has to overcome the troubles of ghost-dom together with your ghost friends in order to solve your final case and avenge your own death.

The game is excellent in every respect-- the parser is very powerful and rivals Level 9's own Knight Orc in versatility. Non-player characters are quite memorable, especially your ghost friends who will pour out their hearts on you and keep constant company with incessant stories of how they died. Most puzzles involve pleasing those ghosts so they could help you in return, and are largely fun because you have to think like a real ghost to succeed :) Overall, Scapeghost is a great but overlooked Level 9 classic that isn't nearly as good as their best games, but is definitely much better than most other IF games. I don't recall ever playing a ghost again until LucasArts' Curse of Monkey Island and, more dramatically, Dreamforge's Sanitarium.

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