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Wait, you say, wasn't this an Infocom title? Actually, this one came out first on the budget publisher Mastertronic's catalog. It's a vastly different game than the Infocom one - you wander around as one of a number of characters trying to build up your rapport with the people, doing battle and working your way up to becoming a shogun. An obscure title that I always loved - and the very odd graphics and gameplay, on a 2D surface where you're always flying everywhere, were so strange, but in the end that made it a memorable game.

Shogun is a bizarre game from Mastertronic that places you in the steps of several feudal Japanese era shoes. Although the game is 2D, it moves from the perspective of a isometric game, meaning that when you press the up button, your character magically flies upwards into the air. I don't understand this mechanic, but the game in itself is very nice.

The screens are well designed, with different little people running around, buildings with nice architecture, and more. The graphics aren't special for their age, but they still give the feeling of feudal Japan. The music and sound is actually much better than you'd expect it to be, with little bleeping music playing in the background, along with sound effects. They aren't exactly mind-blowing, but they serve their purpose, and they offer hints of confirmation.

In Shogun, you choose your identity (a certain character) and then play their story. This leads like an Adventure mostly, you can chat with people, attack them, or barter. You have several commands at your repertoire, attack, examine, talk, and etc. Shogun is difficult to learn, you'll find yourself playing over and over just to learn the basic mechanics of the game because of the lack of proper instructions. Otherwise, gameplay is excellent, and Shogun is a masterpiece. If you don't mind the dated graphics, and some of it's occasional bleeping, you should check it out!

This is a very 'odd' adventure game. The setting is medieval Japan. You can choose several characters to play with and become a Shogun. You wander round some nice screens in which you meet people or have to fight a bit. The extreme odd thing about the screens are that they are shown from the site, though you character walks through viewed from the top, that means you 'fly' around a screen which is 2D, get it? If not, just play this masterpiece.

Shogun is one of the earliest adventure games that combine traditional adventure with both action and strategic elements-- an attempt that proved largely successful here. In this unique adventure that foreshadows Sid Meier's Sword of the Samurai, make your way from samurai to Shogunate of Japan by recruiting followers, fighting enemies, collect treasures, and solve typical inventory-based puzzles. A good game that stands up well despite bland CGA graphics and difficult battles.

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