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A value-priced title featuring the Bicycle card company license, Bicycle Pinochle is a card game based on tricks and melds. Players attempt to score the most points before the end of the game, and points are scored by winning tricks and melding. Six varieties of play are offered, including 2/3/4 handed, double-pack, partnership, and partnership with auction options play.

The game's fully customizable as well, allowing players to control minimum bids, the number of cards dealt per hand, playing surfaces, etc. Handy tools allow you to keep track of games and an online hint system provides players with helpful advice on how to improve their performance. Eight different background music tracks accompany the game, and full modem and network play options are offered so that you can enjoy a friendly game with a human opponent.

Bicycle Pinochle includes over 6 different variations and multiple playing options for this classic American card game. Bicycle Pinochle keeps track of bidding and scoring, all available at a mouse click. It supports modem or network play along with 9 computer characters of varying skill levels. If you don't know how to play, Bicycle Pinochle provides a Tutorial mode and Practice mode to hone your skills. Making a mistake is never a problem. The undo button allows you to fix errors or to try other cards in situations.

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