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Solitaire Twin Pack contains two card games, Pyramid Solitaire and Golf Solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire : In this game the cards are arranged in a pyramid and the object is to remove cards totalling 13 until all cards have been removed. In this game each card has a value starting with the Ace which counts as 1 through to the King which counts as 13. The object is to make 13 points i order to remove cards from play so at 13 points Kings can be removed as soon as they become available but Aces must be paired with Queens, 2's with Jacks, e.t.c. Each card removed will make available the card above it in the pyramid. When a player runs out of moves to make they may draw another card from the deck and try to use that card to form a match. The game concludes when all the cards have been removed from the pyramid or when no more moves are possible.

Golf Solitaire : This may be played as a single hand or as a series of nine hands or holes in the game terminology. The player starts each 'hole' with a score of 35 points, that's the number of cards that are on the table. One point is deducted for each card removed from the table. The object in each 'hole' is to clear all the cards from the table. The object of each game, as in a round of golf, is to finish with as low a score as possible. Card suits are irrelevant in this game. The player removes cards from the table by putting together sequences of cards starting with the card turned over. A sequence is made by playing a card from the table that is numerically one different from the card that's in play. Thus if a 5 were turned over the player could play any available 6 or any available 4 because these numbers are next in sequence. Once the 6 or 4 is played the turn continues until there are no more cards to be added to the sequence at which point the next card is turned over. Both games are played with the mouse and come with in-game help text, and the ability to change the pattern on the back of the cards. Only Pyramid Solitaire has an Undo function and only Golf Solitaire has a Save Game option.

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