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Maelstrom puts players in the midst of a devastated Earth where they must choose to join one of three warring factions and fight for their survival. In a world where water is the most valuable resource, the three factions fight with their own special abilities and weapons for liquid rights. Led by General James Buchanan, the Remnants are the rogue underdogs of the fight and use older weapons such as tanks, artillery guns, and helicopters, and employ guerilla tactics to surprise and overcome their enemy. The Ascension is led by Arlan Khan, and these high-tech humans use weapons including transformable robots, tanks, cryogen rays, orbital weapon platforms, and stormwalkers. The third faction is the Hai-Genti, an alien race looking for a new planet to exploit. They rely on water to get around, often flooding areas close to an opposing team's base, then attacking at night when they are the strongest. They use biological weapons such as spores that are sent to the ground where they grow into bloodthirsty beasts. You can terraform the landscape to alter real-time play, and transform units on the fly with over 80 upgrade options. Single-player action comes in the form of four campaigns that introduce you to each of the factions, and multiplayer games can support up to six players over the Internet.


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