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The Earth of SunAge is an unfamiliar place, drenched in radiation and transformed into a desolate wasteland by the dying sun. Chaos reigns as humans, who long ago were forced to move into shielded cities, fight over the planet's scant remaining resources with the Raak-zun cult, a religious sect of mutants living outdoors. Hope is rekindled when a gateway is opened to a new planet that is safe from Earth's impending doom and awash with natural resources. Unfortunately, the new planet is home to a warrior race known as the Sentinel, and they are not keen on sharing their resources.

Designed with classic real-time strategy gameplay in mind, SunAge lets gamers control any of the three factions struggling for survival, and puts a premium on resource gathering and tactical battles. Each race has its own unique collection of units and buildings, and all three civilizations have specific technological advantages and weaknesses. Gamers can take on the 25 different maps in the single-player campaign, or head online via an Internet or LAN connection to battle friends across ten multiplayer maps.


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