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Supreme Commander says it's time to bring some real strategy to real-time strategy gaming. The sci-fi war game is laid out to let players see and control any and all of the fighting, from isolated skirmishes between single squadrons to the coordinated maneuvers of all allied forces across an entire continent. Scope and scalability are what set Supreme Commander apart from its predecessors in the style. The player's view can be zoomed, smoothly and continuously, from a detailed focus on a single unit to an encompassing panorama of the entire theater of war. The game's interface is streamlined for strategic movements and synchronized attacks, allowing players to coordinate the actions of vehicles and troops on a global level with ease and efficiency.

Regarding its 2007 release into the real-time strategy realm of computer gaming, Supreme Commander is reminiscent of lead developer Chris Taylor's breakthrough project of a decade earlier. With its cutting-edge graphics and balanced gameplay, Taylor's Total Annihilation is generally considered the first successful real-time strategy game in true 3D. By relating each base and battlefield in an realistic, relevant, global way, Supreme Commander also aims to introduce significant new aspects of play to the style. As innovative as it aims to be, the game also embraces many comfortable conventions, offering intuitive control to practiced PC strategists. Single-player campaigns follow an original but familiar futuristic storyline that pits three very different factions against one another, each fighting righteously for a cause it deems vital to its very survival.


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