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Demigod is a real-time strategy game of territory control and power enhancement. Players take command of a Demigod, a being of supernatural power that has not yet ascended to assume its place among the other gods in the pantheon. In battle, the Demigod is played as an RTS hero unit, gaining new and greater powers by leveling up in combat, and bolstering the strengths or defenses of other friendly, nearby units. Combat is fought against other Demigods and their minions, in a sprawling Arena built for battles to the death.

Although many different powersets and personalities are available, there are two basic types of Demigods. The "Assassin" Demigod characters are designed for full-on frontal assaults, mowing through enemy forces in pursuit of their goal. In contrast, "General"-style Demigods are best suited to command armies of minions, using superior numbers and well-timed tactics to overcome even the most powerful adversary. As a Demigod and army win battles and take control of more territory, additional troop reinforcements become available. If a Demigod fails to maintain control of its own home castle, the battle is lost.

Demigod was designed to be played online, with and against other human players. A persistent-world server hosts multiplayer bouts, and the single-player campaign is waged through a virtual online realm. Ranked and unranked games are available to Internet-connected players, along with built-in chat and clan features. Demigod was developed by Gas Powered Games, known for earlier real-time role-playing and strategy games Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander.

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