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Paradox Interactive's critically acclaimed strategy series returns in Hearts of Iron III, this time offering grognards more than 150 nations to control and more than 10,000 provinces to manage and conquer. Players take control of any nation that existed during the time period of 1936 to 1948, and then try to fashion themselves into a world power through a combination of military might, domestic production, research and technology, politics, and diplomacy.

However, decisive shifts in world power are often most dependent on military action, and Hearts of Iron III addresses this by giving gamers the option of controlling their armed forces from a broad perspective in the form of battalions, or all the way down to an individual soldiers. There are 20 brigade types to deploy, a dozen different technology trees, and thousands of real-world military commanders and politicians available. Players can ask the improved AI to handle tasks both large and small, while a new economic model allows for overseas weapon procurement, and the expanded intelligence system offers gamers more ways to learn about enemy reserves and troop movement.

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