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The cold-steel justice of the Global Defense Initiative and the mystic influence of Kane's Brotherhood of Nod clash for the final time in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. The fourth full release in the original C&C; line plays similarly to the more recent games in the real-time strategy series, with fast action, smooth 3D graphics, and sophisticated tactical attacks and counter-attacks between balanced but different forces. The introduction of enormous Crawler units, which function as mobile bases of operations and production, keeps the action moving around the map and adds new strategic considerations.

Tiberian Twilight allows players to develop a persistent persona throughout the campaign, awarding experience points for each unit destroyed, from one scenario to the next. Points may be spent to unlock new units, facilities, and abilities, allowing for the development of a powerful, customized military force over the course of the game. In battle, both GDI and Nod players can also choose from Offense, Defense, and Support classes, further compounding the customization options. Commanders of various classes can take advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, by battling together as a team in multiplayer modes, which include a five-versus-five game that allows a group of players to command their forces together, from one online battle to the next.

The game's single-player narrative is also significant, in the series' long-running storyline, as it is presented as the conclusion to the Tiberium Saga. In C&C; tradition, the drama unfolds in live-action video sequences that play between the battlefield scenarios. Following 15 years of uneasy alliance, the completion of the "Tiberium Control Network" draws near. First proposed by Kane, the seemingly immortal leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, construction of the network required cooperation with the Global Defense Initiative. Although the two forces managed to work together to see the device approach functionality, extremist factions on both sides eventually broke the fragile armistice, bringing on the final war between the GDI and the forces of Kane.


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