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Elemental: War of Magic is an empire-building strategy game set in a classic fantasy world. The player becomes sovereign leader of a great but troubled nation in the world of Elemental, where swords and sorcery rule. To survive, the sovereign must build up the nation, through exploration, expansion, and exploitation of any available resources, until it is strong enough to overcome the threats it faces, both from neighboring empires and from within its own borders. Players establish new cities, research advanced magic and technologies, and direct armies of champions and warriors in tactical, turn-based combat.

The game features random maps and offers extensive game set-up options, but plays out in a world of deep lore, where history and legend can be important. The game's setting and stories are inspired by fiction from books in Random House's Del Ray publishing brand. The player's sovereign character is customizable, with traits that provide different advantages and weaknesses to suit different playing styles. Elemental is designed to be accessibly mod-able right out-of-the-box, and user-friendly publisher Stardock promises community support for those who wish to create and share their own game world settings and storylines.


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