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A mainstay of strategy gaming for decades, Might & Magic returns to desktop computers with a 2011 release that moves the series' sophistication and graphic capabilities forward as it looks back into the ancient history of Heroes lore. On fundamental levels, the play of the game holds true to New World Computing's landmark home-computer series of strategy-RPGs, with turn-based combat across grid-lined battlefields and custom character development.

Players explore detailed, 3D-rendered maps, claim resources, and construct fabulous cities across the land. A refined interface encourages a smooth flow of events, while maintaining the turn-by-turn pacing that define the play of earlier Might & Magic games. Limited action points and area-of-effect factors emphasize tactical play.

Throughout the main campaign and in various single- and multiplayer modes, five distinctly empowered factions battle for domination of the realm: The holy empire of Haven; the death-worshipping Necromancers; the Stronghold of the proud and savage Orcs; the mystical monsters and water spirits of Sanctuary; and the chaotic Infernal, creatures of vengeance and hate, released from their hellish prison in the plane of fire.

The narrative is a prequel to earlier games, set in the world of Ashan 400 years before the rise of the Dark Messiah in Heroes V. Multiplayer options include online matches and the fan-favorite Hotseat mode. Might & Magic Heroes VI was developed by PC strategy game specialist Black Hole Entertainment, creator of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, in conjunction with Ubisoft producers.


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